Our Preferred Clients expect ISU to:
  Provide ongoing comprehensive exposure analyses and appropriate transfer of risk through proper insurance
  Negotiate coverages and premiums as well as than obtain quotes.
  Respond satisfactorily to all request within 24 hours
  Obtain lower cost through the interrelationship of employee benefits and workers' compensation insurance
  Shop the market for the Best Value every year.
  Avoid costly worker' compensation claims and over-reserving.
  Lower benefit costs.
  Make available Human Resource and enrollment advice.
  Prepare an easy to understand summary of all policies.
  Provide claims reporting and settlement assistance.



ISU Preferred Client Services

ISU Preferred Clients

Enjoy the lowest cost consistent with the Best Value
Enjoy the convenience of one-call service
Enjoy the status of dealing with a national organization
Enjoy the pleasure of a high level of personal interest.
Enjoy the security of being served by professionals who understand the client's business.
Our business is comprised of Preferred Clients who want us to provide them with ALL of the many forms of insurance required of a well-run business in today's economy.

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