ISU Safety & Claims Services
Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs
ISU Safety & Claims Services offer eight distinct categories of risk
Management services to effectively reduce your costs.

You can rely on ISU to provide professional, technical and effective services in these areas
  1. Claims Review

Resolve claims more promptly with face-to-face meetings with all parties. ISU organizes these meetings.

Report on claims reviewed provides insight to you and guides claim adjuster to ensure quality claim handling.

  2 Claims Audit

Review claim files to assure that claims are being handled proactively.

Audits can assure that reserves are realistic as claims status change.

  3 Loss Trend Reports Based on current loss run data, ISU claims Services will prepare a detailed loss graph analyzing trends in causes of accidents and types of claims.
  4 First Aid Claim
A comprehensive first-aid program can ensure that those claims meeting the "first-aid" criteria are not reported to your workers' compensation carrier, thus mitigating negative loss experiences.
  5 Tele-Aid For
Claim Reporting
Centralized claims reporting from multiple locations to ISU / Claim Management Resources provides consistency in claims reporting and reduces your HR staffing requirements.
  6 Reserve Analysis Knowing and understanding reserve bases assist in determining the adequacy of your reserves which have a direct affect on your premiums.
  7 Employer Education and Safety Training Training is offered in basic and complex workers' compensation issues.
  8 Return-to-Work Programs Control workers' compensation costs by getting your employees back to some form of work as quickly as possible. ISU can work with you to design a modified duty program.

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