Operating a medspa creates a myriad of risks which expose the business, its owners & staff to potentially crippling claims.

Sandy Elliott, CISR

As a medspa owner, it is important to be aware of the specific risks to which you are exposed & the unique coverages which must be in place to provide adequate protection. These include:

  • General Liability for protection in the event the insured causes bodily injury or propertydamage to others; this coverage is required by most leases
  • Commercial Property for coverage to your Business Contents, including expensivelaser equipment & transit coverage for transport of equipment to trade shows & whilethe equipment is off premises
  • Workers Compensation for your staff
  • Employment Practices Liability for claims against wrongful termination,discrimination & sexual harassment
  • Medical Malpractice for claims arising out of professional activities or servicesprovided to clients
Inadequate or incorrect insurance could be devastating to your business, resulting inastronomical attorneys fees, claim payments & countless hours of worry.

Many medspa owners are under the false assumption that the Medical Director &/or TreatingPhysician is providing coverage for their spa & their staff under their physicians policy. The truthis that most physician Medical Malpractice insurance carriers do not cover medspas; they mayextend coverage for the Treating Physician at the spa under the physicians policy, but this stillleaves important, uncovered gaps - a medspa owner should always ask:

  • Is my entity covered?
  • Am I and the other owners covered?
  • Is my Medical Director covered?
  • Do I have the option of including a Treating Physician for coverage?
  • Is my staff covered (including clerical, professional, W2 employees & 1099 IndependentContractors)?
  • Does my policy exclude any procedures?
  • Does my policy include coverage for procedures performed at a venue other than the medspa premises?
  • Does my policy have a stipulation as to what designation(s) must perform injections?

At ISU Insurance Services, Sandy Elliott, a 27 year insurance veteran, has specialized in writing insurance coverages specifically for the medspa & wellness center industry. She has established strong relationships with & has taken the time to educate the insurance markets in this unique industry. She is here to answer your questions, help you evaluate your coverage needs & assist you in the task of completing the applications & gathering the necessary back-up documentation, required by the insurance carriers. Sandy holds the designation of Certified Insurance Service Representative & is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of U. C. Irvine. And is proud to be a sustaining member of the International Medical Spa Association.

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